Have you ever dreamed of finding treasure? A shipwreck? Or being member of an expedition like the search for the Titanic? Witnessing lost history revealed for the first time?

After all of these years, we have developed the philosophy that the excitement which drives us is the discovery and the real treasure is sharing it with YOU!

“Our mission is to identify, explore, and solve mysteries that consistently and powerfully challenge our beliefs about what is possible so anyone can have permission to live their dreams. And we believe that everyone is an adventurer at heart.”

We invite you to join our expedition as a virtual crew member, leave normal life behind, if only for a short time,
for the thrill of finding lost shipwrecks and history as we discover them to come along.


Treasure Experience's Partnership with Nova Ray

Coral Partner’s Nova Ray® is the only submersible remotely operated vehicle (ROV) capable of operating at depth or altitude from a moving surface platform, Treasure Experience has exclusive right to use the Nova Ray ROV as their main vehicle for shipwreck exploration and survey.

Treasure Experience Member

When you become a Treasure Experience Member, you will be able to see how the project plan unfolds and details and timelines are put into place.  As the project takes on a life of it’s own and we prepare to launch, you will be notified and updated so that you will know when to login and what’s happening along the way.  Via satellite communications and the internet, you will have the opportunity to be with us in real time as we search for and discover ships and lost history.  Be with us as we solve mysteries.  When working on the water there are always difficulties and challenges that arise. You can also experience these challenges, take them on too as we overcome them.  See the documentation and sonar surveys as we narrow our search and finally be there with us as the discovery is made.