The Treasure Experience will offer you the opportunity to share in one or more discoveries at the exact moment they are made!


Twenty years ago, the only way to experience the thrill of finding a lost shipwreck was to actually be there on site when it happened.  This would require you to leave your job, home, or significant other behind and spend a fair amount of money to be there.   Most people just can’t make the commitment of time, money or both to join us and go on an adventure.  We want to share this amazing experience with as many people as possible.  So we are changing the way we have done things in the past so that we can accomplish this. 

During every expedition, we have cameras above and below the water documenting every moment. With the advancement of technology, we are now able to stream those video feeds to your device using satellite communications—much like you would watch a sporting event live on your phone. We will combine this capability with social media updates and email communication, so that we are able to share not only news leading up to and following a new discovery, but nearly every moment with you during the excitement of the find!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook! We will be posting progress leading up to the search and answering questions periodically as we dive deeper into our explorations.

Learn more about the Nova Ray providing underwater video.

As A Treasure Experience Member:

  • You will receive emails and notifications as the progress of each project unfolds. Through the research and selection process of a particular project, to the launch of the project, and finally the narrowing in on the lost history through on site survey work.
  • Then when available, you will be given an access code to a secure page on the website for viewing on location activities as well as live video via the cameras on the ROV as we ultimately discover the lost shipwreck.


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